Controversial: What Women Want

Any of you remember that Mel Gibson movie, ‘What Women Want’?


I LOVED that movie when I was younger, and was always fascinated with the concept of literally hearing what was going on in other people’s heads.


It was fun and exciting to think about — what if you COULD do that?


And then as I got into advertising, copywriting, marketing, and the work I do now — I realized something pretty spectacular:


Holy shit. You actually can read people’s minds. Without the weird voiceovers or Mel Gibson. (What happened to him, anyway?)


Here’s what I mean:

Fels post

At first glance, you either think I’m vain, that’s weird, or that’s awesome.


But you do you see what’s going on underneath the surface?


Aside from me naturally wanting to share what’s going on in my life, there was a REASON why I chose to share this.


Any guesses?


If you don’t have any yet, keep reading.


As most of you know, I make a living teaching people how to be persuasive and be better leaders.


But ‘leader’ doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a CEO or an executive.


‘Leader’ starts on the smallest of the smallest scales.


First, with you.


Second, with family or friends.


Third, in your company or business.


Fourth, the world.


And then we go back to leading you to do a Circle of Life, Lion King-esque tribute.


But a key component of leading people–AND yourself–means that it’s a requirement (read: not an option) to understand people on a very deep level. You have to go WAY beyond surface level and HEAR WHAT NO ONE WILL SAY.


Which brings us back to good old Mel, how he got the girl, and why leadership is hard.


How DO you understand people on a level like that? What does that even mean? And where do you start?


So go back to the booty story I posted on Facebook.


Any guesses as to what desire that woman tapped into of  mine?


Let me guess what you’re thinking..


  1. Fel…you wanted a compliment! Everyone wants compliments. (True, but that isn’t the whole story)
  2. Fel…you’re vain! I would NEVER post such a thing publicly. (Fair. Let’s agree to co-exist peacefully)
  3. Fel…I have no idea. All she did was say you have a nice butt.


Here’s what women won’t tell you:


The greatest compliment a woman can get is NOT from a man…


But a real, genuine compliment from another woman.




Because guess what? Women get complimented by men ALL the time. It’s pretty much par for the course if you decide to put on a pair of jeans that day. You don’t even have to do your makeup or your hair.


But for a WOMAN to PULL YOU ASIDE and compliment you sincerely on a BODY PART–not ask you where you got your shirt, or try to fake flatter you–that is a worthy accomplishment.


All women want that. It’s like spotting a rare bird — it hardly ever happens. So if you want to  make a woman’s day today, tell her her ass looks amazing, her arms look toned, her hair is shiny, or her boobs look fantastic. And mean it. (For the men — I’d probably only do this on your wives or girlfriends. Otherwise…*could* be creepy. But hey. Prove me wrong.)


Now… I have a question for you.


Next week, I’m going to be talking about something very exciting that has to do with charisma and personal magnetism–it’s not coaching, it’s not a workshop, and it’s not a webinar, either. And, I’ll only be sharing it via email (not on the blog).


And the reason why I shared this with you today is because knowing what makes people tick is a key foundation of irresistibility. When you deeply understand others (and use it ethically), you have the power to build incredible relationships and have a real impact on people. (Which sounds vague now, but I’ll explain next week)


So here’s my question:


What is the hardest part about learning how to be ‘magnetic’ for you? Is it hard to even break down what it is? Do you not know where to start? Reply to this email, and let me know.


You’re going to love what I’ll share with you next week. Remember, it’ll only be via email, so sign up below so you don’t miss out.



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