How to Create an Irresistible Personal Brand

Just the other weekend, I was at a festival here in Silicon Valley where I mentored a group of incredibly talented and ambitious people on How to Create an Irresistible Personal Brand.


Most of the questions asked were:


“How do I stand out — when everyone else does the same job I do?” ← everyone from CEOs, and entrepreneurs, and marketing execs to project managers to IT support engineers asked this question


“How do I communicate ‘X’ to this person so they give me this challenge, this raise, want to mentor me?”


“How do I get people to listen to me?”


“How do I connect with people at my level, and above?” [Code: How do I let my manager’s manager’s manager know I’m amazing?]


We had a juicy  1 hour+ discussion on how to work through all of this, plus how to tell compelling stories (especially if you’re trying to market YOU differently–for a new job, new role, or new group of people) and the art of emotional connections that transcend labels like VIP and get you the right people in your corner for life.


So I had a thought:


Why not bring this juicy discussion to you … for free?


As you might know, I cover all of these questions and MORE in my course, ‘Be Magnetic’. But sometimes there’s nothing like sitting on a Google hangout with me from my zen room in San Francisco and be able to ask me any question you want, and get my direct feedback LIVE.


Because what if  you could do what one of my students did with what I taught her about persuasion:


“Last week, I actually had an interesting meeting that made me think of the charisma course and silently thank you.


This guy has done some dodgy dealings in a bankruptcy I manage – money disappearing with less than impressive bookkeeping to show for it. I’ll obviously have to report him to the police, but first I wanted to try to get some of the money back, so I called him to a meeting.


Now, I can’t call him a liar and a thief to his face or nothing will happen, right? Especially as he’s done some work to cover the tracks.


So when the time for the meeting comes, I’ve done my homework and prepared a strategy. He shows up with a business partner – it’s me against two men twice my age and they’re not the type to crawl on the floor and ask for forgiveness.


I’m friendly and start by asking some clarifying questions about the dealings. He comes with weak, implausible explanations and gets surprised by the increasingly detail of the questions. It all escalates to a point where I casually explain that if I were a fraud investigator, his story would look very strange.


Then I tell them that I want to wrap this bankruptcy up, as pretty much all of the work with it is done. The only thing that keeps it open is this one strange transaction. If the seller (their goal keeper) could take their worthless software back and return the money for it, I could wrap everything up in a couple of days. It would be so convenient to just finish all of it. After all, as long as the case is open, I have to keep looking at the bookkeeping.


They don’t want me to look closer at the bookkeeping, because that would hurt their current company (obvious tax fraud). So they suggest that they could talk to the seller, “to solve this for you quicker”. Last I heard, I should be getting the money back tomorrow or Thursday – some $14,000, meaning that the tax payers won’t have to foot the bill for my work and the tax agency gets to keep the rest.


To be honest, even if the money doesn’t come, it was a victory. In the past, there have been times when I didn’t handle high-pressure situations well – getting all flushed, glossy eyed and losing my confidence. But now I felt so in control, so calm. I held my ground and in the end they almost thought it was their idea to get this money back! You should have seen their relief when they interrupted each other talking about how they wanted to help me get this done.


Thank you so much for the course and especially for including the persuasion part. I went through my notes to prepare and it helped me decide how I would get them to do what I wanted, without it being too obvious.


This was such a cool experience.”

Could you imagine if you were able to handle a high-pressure situation like this with confidence, ease, and being as cool as a cucumber? When I read this email, I was so proud because it shows with the right framework, and someone willing to take responsibility and do the work, nothing short of miracles can happen.


Because when most of us think of ‘personal brand’ we think of big billboard with clever, cute words..and somehow feeling like we have to do the same thing to sell ourselves, our ideas, and get people to listen to us.


But how?


Especially for those of you who are more introverted and don’t feel comfortable promoting yourself or yelling to everyone how amazing you are — where’s the middle ground that lets you be YOU…but makes you so memorable that no one would dare to forget you?


If there’s anything I learned from being a copywriter, it’s this: clever and cute will get you a laugh, a smile, and a “Oh, he’s so nice.”


But knowing how to masterfully handle people, show your best self, and the principles of persuasion: gets people to action, gets you win/win situations (that people LOVE you for), and BRANDS you as someone who is worth being around. Not because you’ve become Machiavelli. Not at all.


It’s because you finally know how to blend what YOU want…with what OTHER people want…and have people like, trust, and want to help you instantly. These are the people who win at life, because they’re honest, have integrity, and truly want what’s best for others. [That, in and of itself, is a core pillar of persuasion you can use TODAY]


But for now…let me help you in the free Google Hangout I’m hosting on Monday, March 30 at 6PT/9 ET: How to Create an Irresistible Personal Brand


This is not a structured talk, or a webinar where I’m selling you something at the end. When I saw how  much value the group of people I helped the other weekend got out of this, I knew I had to do it for all of you. This is more of an ‘Ask Me Anything’ type of deal.


All you need to do now is this:


  1. Sign up for the free Live Q+A by clicking here. The deadline to sign-up is this Thurs, March 26 @ 6PST.


  1. Before the Q+A, think about what to ask and then come to me with your TOUGHEST questions. Things I haven’t answered on the blog or in any of my courses (if you’ve taken them). Because I’m doing this as a gift for you, I want to make it as high-quality as possible and the best reason you’ve yet to come up with for ditching your plans and learning the most valuable information to apply to this area of your life.


So you can either email me your questions ahead of time,or simply ask them on the hangout.


Remember, you only have until Thursday to sign up. Putting off signing up is useless, because it only takes a few seconds. Let’s heed the wise words of Ben Franklin and do today what needs to be done, so tomorrow you can do whatever the hell you want.


Talk soon!




PS: The link to sign up for the free ‘Ask Me Anything’ Q+A on How to Create an Irresistible Personal Brand is here. Even if you’re already on my email list, this is completely separate and only for the webinar so you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out.

PPS: Want your friend to sign up? Just forward them this email and have them click on the link.

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