How to give a powerful presentation that knocks people’s socks off

I was sitting in a chocolate class, delicious brown morsels sitting in front of me, and I was bored to death.

The instructor was droning on and on about the ‘facts’ of chocolate. Where it was shipped from. What kind of roast it is. What the difference is between cocoa from South America and cocoa from…where? I’m about to fall asleep.

But it should NOT be this way!

If you’re in a chocolate class, you should be drooling and thrilled about what you’re learning. You should feel excited, engaged, and immersed in it. You should feel so chef-like that you want to go home and make your own.

So what happened?

The chocolate was delicious. The problem was in the presentation.

How many presentations do YOU have to give…every day…every month…every year?

It could be at work, or in the boardroom. It could be at an event, or just telling a story in front of a group of friends.

But aren’t we scared to death of doing it?

Recently, I jumped out of a plane.

fel skydive

And as I was riding up 13,000 feet  in this jenky little plane, all I could think was: “Wow. This nervousness reminds me of the SAME nervousness I feel when I’m about to speak in front of people.”

It’s intense. It’s like you can’t breathe. Your mouth gets dry and you want to run.

If speaking in front of people can produce the same amount of fear as jumping out of an airplane, shouldn’t we at least learn how to make our presentations mesmerizing? Shouldn’t we learn how to do it with confidence, even if we’re introverted and feel scared to death?

Wouldn’t you love to have someone respond to you and say: “Wow. You’ve inspired me. I’m going to go to ‘X’ now.”

It can happen, when it’s done right. And today, I made a video for you to show you how.

Because imagine how incredible it would feel to know you have the skill to captivate an audience who are rapt in attention, hanging on to every word you say. You feel powerful. You feel like you have influence (and you actually do).

So let’s get started.

In this video, I focus on just ONE part of giving a powerful presentation and give you 1 thing you can easily implement today.

Here it is for you:

Now, I want to hear from you: What else would you love to learn about giving presentations that ‘wow’ people? In the next video, I’ll answer one of your questions about it.

Go kill it!


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