How to make people feel riveted by you

When’s the last time you felt RIVETED by someone?

You couldn’t help but want to be around them…you couldn’t help but notice you felt yourself drawn to them, but didn’t know why..

What was really going on?

Years ago, a woman I lived with for a summer wrote me a letter telling me how just being around me changed her as a person.

It was incredible to hear. And it really made me think.

What if we are THAT powerful, that just our presence could have an effect on someone?

We don’t have to say the perfect thing, or do anything special. It’s US that’s the ‘secret sauce’.

But just imagine if YOU could have that kind of effect on people

What would you do with that kind of power?

The problem is that when we’re around people like this, we chalk it up to them being ‘natural’, their ‘genetics’, or their ‘talent’. We make it mysterious so we don’t have to figure out how to do it ourselves.

But what if we DID?

What if you could understand what was really going on under the surface, and start being that kind of person? Even if you feel that’s not ‘realistic’ for you, or you have no idea where to start, or how to get there.

If there’s ONE thing I can tell  you today it’s this: If you make it a point to truly understand something, you WILL and you CAN find out how it works.

It’s kind of like how I grew up with a super sociable dad. It SEEMS like ‘effortless magic’, the way he would make friends wherever he went.

But when I really sat down and thought about it, one thing I noticed was that he was never afraid. That he LOVED people. Just by thinking that, I  understood that if I taught myself to love people, approaching them would feel effortless.

So today, it’s time to break down how YOU can make people feel riveted by you and captivated in your presence. Is it like waving a magic wand and suddenly you’re this person people are drawn to like bees to honey? No.

But if you put in the work to start practicing what actually would help you become that, then YES. It’s inevitable.

But hold on. I know some of you might be thinking, what if I don’t WANT to be this kind of person? It sounds like another thing ‘to-do’.

My question to you would be: why NOT? If people are captivated by you, they want to listen to you and follow you. It saves you SO much time if people are ready to hear what you have to say, and act on it. It makes your job SO much easier if people believe in you and want to help you be successful.

As I tell my clients: Learn to stack the cards in your favor, ALWAYS. NOT doing this actually creates more work and stress for you. If people don’t like you, they’ll never listen to your ideas. If they’re not listening, they’re not acting. And if they’re not acting, you are frustrated thinking that you have to do everything alone. But you can choose another way.  

In today’s video, I broke down just ONE aspect of this. If you can learn this secret…and do it exceptionally well…then all you have to do is keep building on it to make it better.

Here it is for you:


Now, I want you to tell me: What ELSE do you want to learn in order to become this kind of person? What have you noticed other people do that you want to learn how to do? I’ll show you how in another video.

Go and sweep them off their feet,


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