Last chance to apply to ‘Irresistible’ — will you be one of them?

Why do we wonder: “Why can’t I be a natural like everyone else seems to be?”

It’s an interesting thought to have, that completely misses all the work that goes into what made that person a ‘natural’ or a ‘success’.

A few months ago, I read a memoir about a trapeze artist. In it, the woman is learning how to do trapeze for the very first time and she’s intimidated, scared, and has no idea if she’ll be able to do it.

She watched as these magnetic performers seemed to be floating from bar to bar,doing flips and twisting their bodies, wearing gorgeous costumes that made them look like stars. They were perfect. Never breaking a sweat. Effortless.

Her first thought: “There’s no way I could ever be like THAT”

It just wasn’t a reality for her. She had never been a trapeze artist before. But over time..with consistent practice, action, and feedback…she was finally able to do trapeze ‘naturally’.

Just like if you had never been a millionaire, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like with that amount of money.

And just like if you had never seen yourself as being more social, memorable, and charismatic—you know you want it–but it’s really hard to imagine what it’s ACTUALLY like. Not to mention, it can also be scary, intimidating, and a little bit of a fear of success: “What if I’m TOO charismatic?” Will people be jealous? Will people not recognize me, and not like me?

Today, I’m going to walk you through the life of a charismatic person—ME.

Not to be weird and “oh my life is so great, cheers dahhhling” but to show you that it’s not what you think…AND…it is exactly what you think, in terms of what kind of person you want to be and what kind of life YOU want to have.

Because remember, ‘charisma’ is about how you make other people feel when they’re around you. You make them want to like you, trust you, be around you, do business with you, even love you. We can focus on the right body language all day, but if you don’t actually FEEL confident or charismatic…nor do you have a clear path forward to how to make this your reality–even if it doesn’t feel like a reality YET–it’s very hard to do, and even harder to do on your own.

Life With Charisma and Confidence Vs. Life Without It

My mornings:

I wake up, and I feel great to be me. Before you roll your eyes, what I mean is I DON’T feel worry, panic, or anxiousness about who I’ll be talking to that day or what I’ll say. I don’t doubt who I am. I feel completely at ease, and looking forward to what challenges I get to tackle.

Get started on work:

Whether it’s a client call or writing, I am doing something that has to do with YOU. I need to know how to talk to you, write engaging emails, entertain you, and help you take action in some way. In the meantime, I get a text from a friend asking to get together that night. An email from another friend who wants to get together this weekend. An invitation to a birthday party. All from people I’ve developed either close relationships with, or maybe we just met and want to find a way to get together again.


More work, and also break time AKA ‘me time’. Yes–extroverts need time to recharge and think, too. If I was always around people or talking to clients all day, I wouldn’t have the energy and passion to bring to any conversation. I know introverts gasp when they hear this, but I take as much alone time as I need to get my fill, and then go back to interacting with people. Add in here bouts of insecurity or self-doubt–because I am human and this does happen to me–but the difference is I know exactly how to deal with it.


Almost always plans with friends (unless I need a break) feeling completely comfortable and confident in my own skin, and having a great time with people I love. And before anyone thinks: “I don’t have time to go out every night” or “I want to spend money on other things, too” this is not about the fact that I have plans, but the fact that these plans are coming to ME–with people that I absolutely love to be around.

But my life is not this crazy circus show where you look at it and think: “That’s not possible for me.” In fact, I’m pretty sure a lot of you read that and thought: “Hm…that could be doable.”

So instead of trying to ‘get people to like you’ and ‘get them to ask you to hang out’, because of your confidence and your ability to have rapport and connections with people, they *naturally* want to be around you–friends, co-workers, clients, bosses…Why wouldn’t they? We don’t just let a great time or conversation with someone go unnoticed.

But what’s life like without this?

A lot of thinking about what to say and what to do and how your body language should be, constantly. And worse, self-consciousness that mirrors a helicopter parent, watching your every move so you don’t make the wrong one…or ever make one at all.

But that isn’t the way towards feeling like you can:

….Know how to connect with humans at an extremely deep level, even just after meeting them, and to truly understand them and feel what they are feeling. I want the people I interact with to feel good about themselves and to feel deeply understood and cared about.

….Learn to make my authentic, powerful personality shine through in all situations. I am heavily introverted, so although I have dramatically improved my charisma, it can be incredibly sporadic and unpredictable. I want to become deliberately and systematically confident and likeable.

If my challenges were solved I would feel empowered to help others overcome the same obstacles that I have defeated. So many things things that were out of reach would now be within my capabilities: the ability to instantly build deep connections with people and maintain genuine relationships, amazing relationships with them no matter their status, and the ability to inspire everyone I meet.

Plus, it’s a half-lived life that can feel dull, lonely, and frustrating, and I don’t believe that’s the way to truly live.

So My Question to You Is: Why Do It On Your Own Any Longer?

Maybe it’s safer not to put yourself out there. Maybe it’s scary that you’ll have to make a change. Maybe it’s better to stick to what you’re doing now because it’s working ‘good enough’…even though you know there’s something missing and you can do better than you ever thought possible.

Or…perhaps you’ve never worked with a coach before and you don’t know what to expect. How do you know it’s right for you? If it’s the right investment? How does it all work? [All questions I’m here to answer for you if you decide to apply]

Because my life always changed when I had a mentor or coach at my side to push me just beyond my comfort zone, and to  help me achieve what I never thought was possible. Sure, you could take my courses (which I encourage you to do if you want to learn on your own), but the only thing missing is actionable feedback so you KNOW you’re doing the right things, and you never wonder if you’re missing something.

And there’s nothing as transformative as being supported by someone who gets you, understands you, and knows exactly how to move you forward so you can actually get what you want…instead of it feeling like a distant reality.

And this is the last email I’ll be sending about applying to my 3 month, 1:1 coaching program: Irresistible for high achieving, ambitious people like you who want to take their social skills to the next level and be the most confident and charismatic person in the room.

Plus, it is a program completely customized to your unique needs, personality, and situation. I never do the same program for a client twice, because everyone is so different and unique.

And if you’re anything like me, you KNOW you’ll take action because you’re determined to do something about your situation. You just need someone to show you how to get there, and give you the actionable feedback you need so you know you’re on the right track, or can easily get back on it.

Which Is Why The Last Chance to Apply Is Today ← Click There to Apply

Like I mentioned earlier this week, I’m looking for 10 highly qualified people (and many have already applied) to select for this coaching program, and I’m only looking for the best. This means that you’re ready to take action, willing to invest in yourself, and clear about what your challenges are so I can help you move forward.

But today is the last day because it’s too easy to say “later” or “not the right time” or “next time”. If you’re truly committed to his, the time to commit is NOW. Because tomorrow things won’t be any different. And neither will 3 months from now if what you’re doing stays the same.

Click Here to Apply Today

Because this isn’t just for a high-level executive to learn. It’s for an ambitious person like you, who wants to feel:

“…Excited everyday to get out there and keep meeting more people.  Anyone could be my next client.  Anyone.  That is exciting.  Knowing I can effectively tap into that possibility with great enjoyment – that would feel amazing.  Like I’m closer to living my purpose – which is to serve others.”

So if you STILL feel like this–even after everything you’ve tried:

“Why do I feel like I can’t be a natural like everyone else seems to be?”
“Why do I feel like I’m a ‘success on paper’…but I feel like a fraud on the inside?”
“Why do other people seem to make friends so easily, while I struggle in conversation to make a connection?”
“What if I’ll end up alone without people in my life I really care about?”
“What if I’m just not ‘charming’?”
“What if I live a ‘half-hollow’ life?”
“Am I doomed to a lifetime of insecurity?”

And constantly think about this–though don’t really know what works or what doesn’t:

“How do I approach people? What do I say?”
“Why am I sometimes ‘on my game’ and I shine…but then I’m shriveled and quiet?”
“How do I be social and meet people if I’m introverted?”
“How do I get people to want to love being around me?”
“How can I get people to say: ‘Wow, you’re great. Let’s hang out again!’ “
“How can I talk to *anyone*? 1:1 situations? Groups? What if I’m good at one, but not at both?”
“How can I make conversations fun and interesting?”
“How can I finally be at ease and feel comfortable with myself no matter what?”
“How do I express the ‘interestingness’ I know I possess? How do I express how I actually feel and be listened to?”
“How can I be more fun and not so serious all the time?”

“I want to learn how to leave behind insecurities and fears, or at least deal with them. I want to learn to shut up that voice in my head that worries all the time about how I am performing! I want to be (oh, how BADLY I want to be) comfortable with myself.”

And want to finally improve this area of your life so you can stop letting self-consciousness rule your life and feel completely at ease and comfortable with yourself in ANY social situation, and with ANYONE…

Click Here to Apply Now.

Last chance is today to be 1 of 10 people who will be selected.

“Before working with Fel I was a bit of a recluse. Sure, I’ve got a blog and online business, but I’d lost my mojo with real world interactions, with real people.

I found connecting and talking to people face to face extremely challenging, ya know — I’d always be planning my next quick witted comeback, and the constant pressure to ‘be funny, be smart’ to prove my worth in a conversation was tiring… which meant I found excuses to stop going out.

After working with her previously, I knew what she was offering was something that was going to be life changing… and so without a shadow of a doubt, I applied.

And today, finishing up the program, I’m a totally different person. A better person.

I LOVE going out and meeting people and talking to them. That in itself has changed my whole life.

But it’s not just that. She taught me how to connect with people again with a combination of techniques (something as simple as eye contact which I’d stopped doing because I felt too vulnerable) to our coaching calls laying out a play by play of an interaction so I can see what’s working and what’s not.” – Elizabeth M.

Look forward to reading your application,


PS: If you’re interested in applying for a future round if I decide to offer this again, put your name on the waitlist here.

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