My Zero to Launch Course Review

I remember the very first time I found Ramit Sethi’s site, I Will Teach You To Be Rich.


I was living at my boyfriend’s parent’s house, had recently quit my job, and decided I wanted to be an entrepreneur. And when I found his site–even though he talks about all these ways to earn more money, start a side business, and now even an online business–I clicked off his site in 10 seconds or less. My immediate reaction: I do not like this guy.


But when I first started my copywriting business, a little voice nudged me to look at his site again. I have no clue why. But I did, and I used his free material on earning money on getting my first 3 copywriting clients within just a few days.


From then on…I was hooked.


I consumed every single email. I have bought nearly ALL of his courses. He became even more of a personal mentor to me, and my business kept skyrocketing.


So it was interesting when Zero to Launch came out early this year. Because my first reaction was: NOPE! Not for me.


I was busy doing copywriting and marketing consulting work. And even though I had bought almost every single one of Ramit’s products, I still thought “info products are scammy”. Who wants to be a slimy internet marketer? I had seen enough of that in my own marketing work, and wanted to stay away from it.


But despite this…something interesting happened.


I kept reading the blog posts about ZTL, and did a few of the exercises. Again, that little voice nudged me. “Could this be possible for me, too?”


And what hooked me even more was that Ramit didn’t say you were going to be rolling in a 7 or 8 figure business within the first year. In fact, he used examples of really small, niche businesses–like an eBook for people who wanted an inexpensive Disney vacation or how to toilet train your cat (not kidding)–that sold great products who chose not to grow any larger.


See, even though I LOVEd writing copy (I still do, but for myself), I knew that I could use all of the strategies I learned to make other people a ton of money for creating something of my own.


My only problem was that I didn’t know exactly what that was yet. In fact, I didn’t have a single idea.


Regardless, I joined ZTL. After experiencing nothing but the best with Ramit’s courses, I deeply trust him and knew that even at ‘worse case scenario’ I would learn incredibly valuable lessons from the course that I could use for my clients.


Now here’s where it gets REALLY interesting.


I ended up starting 2 coaching businesses with ZTL, and even an information product that has already beta-launched..and will be launched publicly early next year.


Trust me–I know what you’re thinking. “But didn’t you think info products are scammy? Weren’t you not even taking ZTL that seriously? Fel, are you Merlin the wizard?”


Here’s why I was able to get amazing results with ZTL, including a 1983% ROI:


  • ZTL is a SYSTEM. You only focus on what you need to do in that moment, and nothing more. You wake up in the morning and you know exactly what you need to do to make progress and grow.


  • Ramit does NOT talk about creating a million dollar Internet business like every single marketer I know. He shows you how to start successfully, and grow how you want to depending on what you want to create. Not only that, but he gives tons of examples from different industries, whether it’s relationships, fitness, chemistry tutoring, or life coaching.


  • TONS of case studies and examples. Every time I listened to a new interview or read a Field Report, I got ideas I could immediately apply to what I was working on. And a more important point, I realized that Ramit had been doing this ‘online business thing’ for 10 YEARS before he ever created a product about how to do it. I asked myself this question: Do I want to learn from someone who’s created a multi-million dollar business over the last 10 years, or someone who’s made a million in a year? It’s clear that Ramit knew the systems that could make a business last, while other Internet gurus only know tactics and schemes.


  • Great, high-quality community. You know how most Facebook groups are garbage with people commenting with things like “You can do it!”…and everyone immediately tries to figure out how to turn off their  notifications? Ramit has very high standards for the kinds of questions people ask, how to give feedback, and he checks in there and gives feedback as well. I’ve never known someone who is so busy, yet so present for THOUSANDS of students. Basically, you can get help almost instantaneously.



Here’s exactly why someone should NOT join ZTL:


  • If you want a wildly successful product…but you don’t want to put in the work. I put a lot of time in the research process with my first coaching program (mentoring copywriters), but I had a few clients within a couple of weeks because I found out exactly what they wanted, and they were HUNGRY to buy. There’s so much satisfaction in knowing you created something people actually want, and can change their lives.


  • If you want a LUCRATIVE product…but you don’t want to reach out to people and talk to them. Not only was it about finding out what people wanted, but I had to go back and forth with them via email, talk to them on the phone, and even in person so that I not only created a ‘successful’ product that sold…but I created a product that sold WELL..and would sell forever! Talking to people provided me with crucial insights I could have never figured out sitting in my room alone. This allowed me to know with certainty that when I launched my product, it would sell.


  • If you want a business everyone loves and talks about…but you don’t follow-through. One of my former mentors sat down with me at brunch was morning and said to me: “You know the difference between people who succeed and those who don’t? Following up, and following through”.


When I bought ZTL, I said these exact words to myself: “I WILL get my money back 10 fold”. And so I created my first coaching program for copywriters, and then I transitioned into coaching people on charisma and social skills–and even creating an information product about it–my true passion. This means that I actually used the ZTL system 3 different times, and it allowed me to see how what I LOVED doing could pay me well, AND impact thousands…or even millions of people.


Here’s the thing. If you’re on the fence about joining ZTL, welcome to the club. I was basically a ‘NO’ until I started to really think about how ZTL was so different than any other course out there, and why Ramit was the right person for me to trust. Not to mention, you can easily get your money back after trying out the ENTIRE course.


Also, I can completely see why someone would think I’m biased. And the truth is, I am. When you buy 7 courses from the same person, it’s really hard not to be. But Ramit fit my style, how I want to learn, and WHAT I want to learn. It’s important to consider whether or not he’s the right ‘teacher’ for you.


But with that being said, for anyone who reads this post, please feel free to comment or reach out to me with any questions that you have. Investing in ZTL was one of the best decisions I ever made because it changed the trajectory of my career, and it’s why you’re reading the site you’re on right now. THIS is what I actually love to do…and ZTL helped me find a way to do just that.


Here’s my email: Please put “ZTL Question” in the subject line. If you do this,  I will make your email a priority.


Talk soon!




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