I help execs and small business owners develop the right soft skills to be successful. 

I can help you with...

-Improving your executive presence, so when you talk, people listen, buy in, and take action. (No more double checking if people are doing what they said they were going to do and feeling like no one 'really listens' to you). 

-Improving your sales and negotiation skills, so sales feels natural and exciting to do (even if you always find yourself getting nervous right as you start to get closer to 'closing') and it feels like everyone would cut off their left foot to get a chance to work with you. 

-Dealing with people, so you no longer find your blood boiling because you don't understand why people do things and you can finally be engaging and charming enough to handle anyone (even if you're introverted and are sick and tired of people telling you to be more outgoing.  Extroversion is overrated. I'll show you how to focus on your natural strengths instead). 


"You've helped me change many behaviors and I'm a better and more successful person because of it." - Erica R., Consultant


But why work on 'soft skills' when they're so 'intangible' and 'hard to measure' while it's easier to focus on improving your technical skills?

Here's a list of case studies showing the profound impact improving important 'soft skills' can have on your life and career. 

I've been featured in Fast Company, Business Insider, and Fox 5 News. If you're new here, read about me, what I do, and check out the most recent blog posts. Visiting again? Share this site with a friend you think could benefit from all the free material I have on my blog and email list. 


Felicia Spahr
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