The foolproof way to get people to do whatever you want

Back when I was a copywriter (for people who don’t know what that is, the simple definition is advertising writing), all I used to think about was how to write in a way that would get people to do exactly what I wanted.

I’d spend hours pouring over different persuasion techniques, figuring out where to put what, how to convince someone that they absolutely, without a doubt needed whatever I was writing about so badly that they would have to buy it right then and there.

What’s interesting is that when you study the greatest copywriters of all time, you notice that who that person was came out in their work.

And there was one copywriter who always blew me away.

Not because he used the best persuasion techniques.

Not because he was a great writer.

But there was just SOMETHING about his writing that told me that he was real…genuine…

…it made me love him as a person.

That taught me something important about leadership, aka getting a whole lot of people to do what you want on a consistent, daily basis.

It’s that before you EVER tell someone to do something…you have to already be practicing and embodying that very thing you want them to do.

I believe this is profound when you really think about it, but has become cliche to hear because of phrases like “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

That phrase, I believe, is true. But you need to think about it and deeply understand what that looks like in practice.

Because how can you expect better behavior from your team if you miss your deadlines…are short with them…or don’t nurture their development?

How can you expect better behavior from your children if they see you do everything you’re telling them not to do?

How can you expect your husband or wife to behave in a different way if YOU are not doing anything differently?

Too often we think that persuasive words will be enough. And I know from experience, they are the LAST piece of the puzzle.

Without doing the hard work of looking at yourself, working on yourself, day in and day out…you shouldn’t expect *anyone* to abide by what you think should be a standard code of behavior.

So one solution? Is to be the one living what you want to see first.

…But there are other, even more specific solutions, too.

And those solutions are what I talk about in this special interview I did that talks about how you can transform your company into an innovative, thriving organization (or if you’re a manager, your team into an inspired and productive team).

It is a short, but potent read.Click there to check it out.

Start your day with it, and reply back to let me know 1 lesson you got out of it.. I’m really excited to share this with you.


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