To Anyone Who Wants to Break Out of Their Shell

Ever since I was a kid, I remember feeling like I loved to ‘crack people open’.


I was always the first one to say hi, always the first one to think of adventures and then lead us on them. And I especially loved doing this with people who seemed more shy, or quiet when you first meet them. I liked to poke and prod and really get them to open up.


Because one of the ‘rules’ of having great social skills is this: People want to be led.


And YOU have an opportunity to lead them!


Here’s what I mean:


Just the other week, I was at a networking event where I knew not a single soul. You look out at the huge group in front of you and think: Hell. Everyone here knows each other. It would be so weird if I just went up and started talking to them.


We think everyone else is floating on Cloud 9, so socially smooth that they already found a friend group.


But the good news is we’re dead wrong


People flock with people they know. Go to a networking event where you know no one, and you’ll find 10 people who begged their friends to come with them so they wouldn’t be alone at a networking event.


So what do you do in a situation like this?


I go up to the 2 nearest people in conversation in front of me, and introduce myself. Turns out, I even happened to know one of them. Then, I do this again and again, weaving in between groups and confirming what I suspected: Everyone came with their group, and they are staying with their group.


It’s rare to be the one who gets to know new people!


But what a relief to find someone who can lead you on a new journey — to  help you meet other people, to break outside that shell of “let me just stay with my safe group.”


You can be that person


But how?


I know for so many of us, this all sounds fantastic. Me? A leader? Feeling comfortable at a networking event? YES!


Except when we get onto the main stage, we still feel that panic. And in a lot of cases, this actually isn’t a function of skill. It’s that you don’t believe you can be that kind of person in the first place. And even more importantly, that you might not even WANT to be that kind of person.


This is important to see because now it isn’t a matter of “I don’t know what to say”.


It’s: do you have the courage to believe that you can be that kind of person?


This is — like with anything — the hardest part. Once you believe it’s possible, it’s easy to learn. You can read through every blog post I’ve ever written and get really, really far without even anyone holding your hand or coaching you.


Which brings me to the gift I have for you today


I don’t have time to work with everyone who wants to work with me. And yet, the insights and breakthroughs my clients get during our work together I know would be incredibly valuable for anyone to get a sneak peek into.


Of course, due to confidentiality, I can’t share client calls and notes.


But…I decided to do something even better so I could give you that ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at exactly how I coach someone, how they talk about their challenges, and how I help them transform.


And what I did, was this:


I recorded for you a 50 min coaching call with a reader, where we talk about:


  • Exactly what it takes to be at ease in group conversations, especially if you think you’re only cut out for 1:1
  • How to have warmer and more approachable body language, even if you are (or used to be) shy and introverted
  • How to tell stories that ‘hit’ and captivate every time — no matter who  you’re talking to
  • How to communicate your ideas that sound as crisp as the sound of a crack of a whip


All with my detailed, targeted advice so she has a clear action plan for exactly how to move forward.


And if you want instant access to this recording, all you have to do is put your name and email below so you can start listening right away, and get insights you can apply immediately. You’ll be directed to a special bonuses page, and the recording is all yours.


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