Want to Be a More Persuasive Writer? Use This Hollywood Secret

I remember learning a long time ago that I could not only move people with the words I spoke, but I could move them with the words I wrote.

And I learned this when I started getting told that I had a ‘gift’ for writing, though at the time, I didn’t really understand what that meant. But it dawned on me after writing short story after short story and screenplay after screenplay that it meant I knew how to move people by telling a story.

But to a lot of us…that seems like a foreign concept at first, right? How DO you move people with the words you write? How you dazzle them, persuade them, excite them, and spark their imagination?

The reason why I’m talking about this today is because being influential, magnetic, and persuasive is not just about what happens when you interact with people 1:1. It’s about how you present yourself in every single aspect of your life, and one of the most important ones, is writing.

Think about how many emails you write a day. Proposals. Articles. A blog post, or a company memo. A darling note to your partner. Any sort of writing designed to get someone to do something. I can tell you right now that this is one of the most important skills you can possess–considering how many people come under your influence every single day–because it’s a chance to make an impact on someone’s life. (And if you’re wondering about that Hollywood secret, stay with me–it’s coming)

For me, this became crystal clear when I started my career in copywriting. For those of you who may not know, I used to make my living as a direct-response copywriter (which basically means selling via writing) and it’s like walking around and knowing you have one of the most powerful swords in the world you can wield however you want, at any time of day.

But my journey to becoming a ‘better writer’ is probably a lot like yours. In fact–you’ll laugh at me for this–I had convinced myself that just because I read a lot and was impressed with my own writing that THAT meant it was good. It wasn’t until I read Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ and his 10,000 hours scared me into doubling up on writing classes and finally letting my ass get kicked by real-time feedback on how I was doing.

And then I spent the next 6 years writing day in and day out as if I were a factory working producing word after word after word. At that point I didn’t care whether or not anyone read my stuff–I was dead set on practicing. Weekend after weekend. Holidays. Pushing myself through page or word count goals. If I shared any of that work with you, you’d probably fall over yourself laughing at how awful it is. But that got me to where I am now (having lived the dream of getting paid to write–even though it was different than how I pictured it), writing to you, and revealing one of my favorite secrets for making your writing persuasive…and even addicting.

It’s in this article I wrote for KISSmetrics: Use This Hollywood Secret to Write Addicting Opt-in Copy

But before I go on, I already hear you saying: “But Fel…I’m not a copywriter! How can I use this?”

Let me let you in on another little secret…

What I talk about in that article is one of the easiest things you can implement in your writing (any kind of writing) TODAY. In fact, I’ve already done it a couple of times in this post. So when you read that article and see all this copywriting jargon, the only question you should be asking yourself is: “How can I apply this to the emails I write? The posts or articles? How about even a conversation?”

THEN, I want you to email me and tell me what the biggest struggle you have with storytelling and writing is. It’s one of those things that invisibly costs you hundreds of things if you don’t do it well– respect, power, opportunities, influence, moving a project along — you name it. So  make sure you reply back to me and tell me.

For now, enjoy the article and USE the ‘Hollywood secret’ I mention so you can see the results TODAY: Use This Hollywood Secret to Write Addicting Opt-in Copy

Keep captivating,


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