What Would It Mean to You If People Thought You Were The Most Interesting, Influential, and Magnetic Person in Any Room?

I have to tell you about an interesting thing that happened to me several months ago.

I was in Sedona for an event, and on the evening of my birthday I was out with friends in the hot tub and pool celebrating and meeting new people.

During the middle of one of my conversations, someone who was a bonafide stranger (we had maybe interacted 1:1 for 5 minutes that day) came up to me and said:

“You look stunning. It’s magnetic. I can’t look away.”

So, sure. Compliments are nice. So are strangers telling you they think you’re magnetic. And we could easily close this email and call it a day by chalking it up to genetics.

But you’re on this list, and you should know by now that we always go 10 steps deeper than that.

See, during my life I’ve noticed something absolutely fascinating to me.

That people who are good-looking..even great-looking..aren’t necessarily the most charming, charismatic, or interesting people you’d ever meet. Some of them are straight up the most BORING people I’ve ever met.

In fact, I can name 10 people right now for you who I think are gorgeous, stunning, handsome people but once you start talking to them, their attractiveness goes way down.


Seems kind of odd, doesn’t it?

And even worse, we think things like we’re not interesting enough…good-looking enough…sexy enough…funny enough…charming enough…cool enough…or just plain good enough to begin with! to talk to anyone we want, instantly connect with them, and develop a meaningful relationship.

So What Makes The Difference?

Let me tell you another story.

When I was younger, my brother and I used to see my dad on the weekends. We would go to the mall, the movies, or somewhere out on Long Island near the water to spend our days together.

But at some point, my brother and I would end up alone…look at each other…and then realize Dad was gone…

…Only to be found talking to a group of strangers and making new friends, getting new clients, and starting a soiree right there in the middle of the street.

How Did He Do It?

He didn’t have a lot of money. He didn’t dress in fancy suits–my dad builds motorcycles and walks around in Harley Davidson shirts all day. But I swear to you, he could talk to absolutely anyone and they instantly became his friend. And when I say anyone I mean some of the richest, most famous people in the world (think the directors of Pirates of the Caribbean, famous actors and actresses, self-made millionaires).

What Does He Have That Other People Don’t?

Let’s name the top 3.

#1: No shyness, and absolute confidence approaching anyone. I think instead of Dad adhering to the ‘3 second rule’ (where you approach someone in 3 seconds or less) he adhered to the ‘Just Do It’ rule. Never in my life did I see him hesitate when he approached anyone. He just went over there with a smile on his face and started talking.

#2: Always knew what to say to keep the conversation going, and build trust. Dad always, always, ALWAYS had a story up his sleeve–whether he was talking about his days in the Navy, plumbing (he can fix anything), or obsessing over his motorcycles or the car shows he loved going to, he was always able to instantly make the connection in the middle of a conversation to a story that engaged people and made them think he was the most interesting man they’d ever met. But he wasn’t so talkative that he wouldn’t listen, too–people always told him things they wouldn’t tell anyone else and he gave them his full attention and support. This is what he did for us, too, as kids.

#3: Dad knew how to close. Whether it was getting that person’s contact information, meeting up with them again, or even getting a sale, Dad always transitioned into it in a way that looked effortless. It was never forced, never awkward, and when he made friends, he made them for life. In fact, anywhere my dad goes he knows someone, and that someone is always ready to do him a favor.

But Fel…Isn’t All This Stuff Only For People Who Are ‘Naturals’?

Just like we think success is something that’s inherent, we tend to think that people who are naturally gifted–especially with people–that they’re born with it. To an extent, some of that is true. But it’s almost inevitable that our psychological baggage creeps in–like being self-conscious, suddenly not knowing what to say–the dreaded “um uh oh uh oh what’s next feeling”– fearing how people will judge us, and feeling crippled by the feelings of ‘not smart enough, funny enough, tall enough, cute enough, interesting enough, and all the other enoughs you can think of.’

But I Guarantee You All Of This Can Be TAUGHT

There’s actually something really interesting about people who are naturals. They tend to get caught in the ‘expert’s trap’.

Think about it…

Whenever you’ve gotten really, really good at something, there comes a point when you inevitably think: “HA! Done. Nothing else to learn.”

If you’re smart enough, you’ll catch yourself. But if you’re like most people, you’ll coast on your knowledge and never take it deeper. And that is the mistake that naturals make (myself once included).

I thought because I was ‘naturally’ good with people that I didn’t have anything else to learn. But then you start coming across people who are even more gifted than you are and you start to think: Hmmm…am I missing something? Why are they getting what I want…what’s wrong with me?

And it’s usually the people who consciously practice something that end up surpassing anyone with ‘natural’ talent, because they’ve got something to LOSE. Because they KNOW that if they don’t work on it, that they’ll never be able to fully express themselves. That they’ll never get the connection they so crave. That no one will ever understand them, or ‘get them’ and what they do–which is the biggest tragedy of all.

And Why There’s Proof That No Matter How Shy, How Introverted, Or How ‘I Can’t Get Over How to Approach Strangers’ You Are–That You Can Eventually Be More Interesting, More Magnetic, And More Influential Than Anyone Who Thinks They’re A ‘Natural’

“What has surprised me the most is that I have more stories to tell than I thought. I just need to develop them and understand how they relate to other people. Everyone connects through emotion. In business and personally. Becoming a true story teller will help me in every aspect of life.” –Instantly Irresistible student, Aaron S.

And this is why I’m writing to you today.

Because if you knew these skills could be TAUGHT…if you knew that it wasn’t about whether or not you’re an introvert or extrovert or if you feel you don’t have ‘the gift of the gab’…if you knew you could practice them and SEE results–without ever changing a thing about your personalitywhat would you be able to do?

Make more friends in 1 week than you have in the last year? Even if you feel like you have no strong connections…or just 1 friend right now? Without having to leave the comfort of your home, or your job?

Be so confident that people start asking YOU how you’re able to be ‘so brave’ and ‘just talk to people’?

Have people so admire and respect you that they’ll move mountains for you…without you ever having to ask them directly?

Literally be a magnet for opportunities you never would have had otherwise…people you feel you never would have had access to…perks that you thought were only reserved for ‘certain kinds of people’ because your popularity is now on autopilot?

Ooze grace, charm, and undeniable confidence…and know that YOU have an effect on people?

The Possibilities Are Limitless For People Who Have These Skills…In Fact, It’s What Stacks All The Cards In Your Favor

Because you could be the smartest, most attractive person in the WORLD…

…But if you aren’t good at dealing with people…if all these ‘not enough’ and nervous feelings plague you…

…If people are bored by your stories…who wants to stick around and get to know you and help you?

…If people don’t like you or think you come off as unapproachable, weird, nervous, fake, inauthentic, or socially clueless…who is going to want to do business with you?

…And if people don’t think you’re interesting or worth talking to…how do you expect to make friends or get someone to fall in love with you?

The harsh truth is you’ll never get as far as you want to go.

Because it’s people, and your relationships with them that determines your fate. Not the Universe. Not a magical fairy. Not even your own free will.

No one actually wants to admit this, but consider the elephant in the room called out. Other people determine whether or not you get put into positions of power and leadership–other people determine whether or not you get opportunities. And it has nothing to do with how you look.

So once you know how to truly understand others–not in a manipulative, ‘gross’ or ‘icky’ way–but in a way that actually adds so much depth and richness to your life–you will be amazed by how simple all of this is, and how FAST you can make improvements. And the best part is, you learn it once, and you can use these skills for the rest of your life.

So…There’s Only One Thing For You to Do Today

If you’re in a position where your life revolves around dealing with people, or you WANT to be that person that leads people and become the most magnetic, influential and powerful person in the room…

…But right now you feel glossed over, like people don’t really listen to what you have to say and don’t seem interested in you…that people don’t do what you want…and at times you even feel rejected…and even worse, you feel there is something ‘flawed’ about you…

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