Reel Outlaws is a web-based slot game.

Reel Outlaws is a web-based slot game.

Reel Outlaws Online Slot Reviews

Put on your most worn-in pair of cowboy boots, because it’s time to head the town for a night at the bar and bags of coins that have just been coined, and you’ll need them! You will have the opportunity to go back in time to the Wild West when you play the Reel Outlaws slot machine by Betsoft. This game gives you the chance to earn some appealing prizes in the form of real money as you try to gather firearms, whiskey bottles, and sheriff’s badges. If you manage to gather the appropriate combination of symbols over all five reels and nine active paylines, you will have a good chance of winning the jackpot of 90,000 coins.

Even if it is compatible with all devices that can run Flash, Reel Outlaws may not be the best choice for gamblers who are always on the go. However, this does not imply that it is not an interesting online slot. There are lots of reasons for you to be enthusiastic about this encounter, including wild symbols that may provide you with massive winnings, scatter payouts, and a click-me bonus round that can double your wins by a significant amount. You can find out more information about each of these features by reading the detailed evaluation that follows.

How to Play the Online Slot Game “Reel Outlaws”

Reel Outlaws by BetSoft is a slot game that should be simple to enjoy regardless of how much prior experience you have playing slots or where you are on the experience spectrum when it comes to online slots sites. To begin playing for real money, first pick the amount of your coins by clicking the “coin” button located in the lower-right corner of the screen. Next, use the “bet one” control to deposit one or more coins on each of the game’s paylines. You have the option to put higher wagers, up to a maximum of 45 credits every round, with 0.01 credits serving as the lowest allowable expenditure for each spin.

When compared to more recent slot machines, one feature that sets this one apart is the ability to play for a reduced stake by turning off all of the paylines other than the initial one. Because the paytable simply displays the symbols and the amounts that they are worth, the win lines may be seen by using the control labeled “select lines.” There are a total of 12 symbols in Reel Outlaws, and each one of them awards a reward in the form of coins. These coin prizes are then multiplied by the coin value that you decide in order to determine your payouts. These prizes are determined by the number of coins that are wagered on each payline, and as a result, they can range anywhere from ten to two thousand coins for each sequence when playing with the minimum bet, but they can also range anywhere from fifty to ten thousand coins when playing with five coins on each payline.

You will, however, need to hunt for a different BetSoft game if you want to play slots on your iOS device or your Android tablet or smartphone. Only a Flash version of the game is now on the market. Reel Outlaws is not one of the numerous older slot machines offered by the game provider that have been modernized with an HTML5 mobile version.

Free Spins and Other Features Available in Reel Outlaws

Once you begin turning the reels, and those revolvers, cowboy hats, and cactuses begin appearing on the reels, you will need to be patient and wait for at least two matching symbols to appear on a payline in order to get a payout. The slot machine will only provide a payout for a matched sequence if it begins on the leftmost reel and if it lands on a payline that has been paid for and activated by the player. The most lucrative of all the basic symbols to collect when playing for real money are your buffalo skulls and your “wanted” posters, which may pay up to 5,000 and 3,750 coins each sequence, respectively. This makes them the most desirable of all the base symbols to collect.

Other symbols to get excited about are the bonus icons, with the wild sign being the most intriguing of the bunch. This symbol has the ability to complete one or more winning sequences on your screen by substituting for all other symbols (with the exception of the scatter and bonus icons). When it is not replacing for another symbol, it may give rewards ranging from 30,000 to ten thousand coins, depending on the size of your stake. The scatter, which resembles a bundle of dynamite sticks, is yet another rare sign that you should keep an eye out for and hope to see. The dynamite symbol, much like all other scatter symbols, has the potential to provide rewards in any location, regardless of whether or not it hits on a payline. Once again, the number of coins wagered each line will determine the value of these rewards, which may vary anywhere from 25 to 2,500 coins.

The last of the bonus symbols is the game’s logo, and when three or more of it appear on a payline that is active, it may activate a click-me feature. The “click-me” bonus round consists of a shooting game in which you must shoot six whiskey bottles in order to win quick rewards. The game is over when you reach the “collect” symbol, which signals the conclusion of the round. If you win the bonus with four or five logo symbols, your bonus prizes will also have a payment multiplier added to them of either 5x or 10x, depending on how many logo symbols you won with.

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